Responsible, traceable and climate positive wool

We work with 100% fine Patagonian wool traceable to its origin at the end of the world to your hands. We follow sustainable practices and care for our environment.

Empowered Legacy

This collection celebrates the strength and wisdom of women, both past and... 

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Bagual wool is responsible, traceable and climate positive

We pay Fair Trade prices to sheep farmers helping them achieve high standards of animal welfare and care for the incredible environment at Patagonia. Every skein and product contributes to reforestation efforts and local NGOs making sure your knitting projects make the difference.

  • Responsible

    We take great care in how we produce and our impact by paying fair prices to our collaborators and mitigating our impact on the environment.

  • Traceable

    Each skein is fully traceable to its origin in Patagonia and through each step of its production in Chile. You will always meet the hands and faces of those who proudly make your yarn.

  • Climate Positive

    We are committed to make wool drive a new economy were we care for our people and environment. For each skein we are planting a tree, donating 1% to ONGs restoring our ecosystems, mitigating our CO2 footprint, and using GOTs certified dyes.

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