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Patagonian Merino Sport Color 203

Patagonian Merino Sport Color 203

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🐑  Patagonian Merino It is a soft, squishy wool, with a torsion that gives it flexibility and a beautiful fall. This yarn is made with 100% Merino wool from Chilean Patagonia and has an unparalleled quality that will delight you when knitting, weaving and wearing your garments. In its natural Snow White color (color 0) has a beautiful white and in its semi-solid tones it has vibrant and cheerful colors.

Merino Wool is one of the most exquisite and fine fibers in the world for its softness and incredible ability to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.

Your Skein

Fibre: 100% Merino Woolℱ wool from Chilean Patagonia with a fineness of 20microns.
Weight: 100 g

  • Sport

Construction: 2-ply
Length: 27 cm meters | 328 yd yards
Wraps per inch: 13

Gauge: 26 stitches and 22 rows = 10x10cm | 4x4 inches
Needle Size: 4 mm | US 6 | UK Dyeing: hand-dyed using G ecological dyes with good practices to minimize the amount of water used.
Care:Hand wash in cold water only without agitation. Once washed, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and dry flat


🎹 It is hand-dyed with ecological dyes,
🌳 For each skein we plant a tree, and
🌎 We mitigate the carbon footprint of your production.
🌎 We donate 1% of the value of your purchase to organizations that preserve and restore our ecosystems.

Check out our Sustainability and how you positively impact the planet here with our allies at Ecologi y 1% for the Planet.

Care information

Hand wash only / Use mild detergents in slightly warm water / Wet garment gently and soak in detergent without agitation / Once washed, roll in a clean towel to remove excess water and dry flat

Your skein's story

In Chilean Patagonia dedicated sheep farmers with +30 years of experience produce the highest quality wool. The sheep live in free-range grasslands that conserve the soil and protect local ecosystems and biodiversity. Our products are 100%mulesing-free. In Chilean Patagonia sheep live in constant rain and wind, and far away from big cities allowing you to enjoy exquisite, soft, fine, and white wool free of pollution and animal cruelty. 
Our wool is hand-washed and spun on a small scale by expert artisans in natural fibers in the city of Talca and llay Llay.
At our headquarters, the skeins are hand-dyed with GOTs certified ecological dyes free of heavy metals to take care of your skin, those you love, and the environment. Our vibrant semi-solid colors will stand out and in your needles will produce unique soft, gentle, and lively garments.


Your skeins are produced under semi-industrial processed and several steps are carried out by hand. We want you to know it is possible that you find small pieces of vegetable matters and sand in your yarn. These comes from the Chilean Patagonia and are retained in the wool after the washing and machine-spinning process. (Did we tell you that the sheep like to play on on sand banks? đŸ€­).

Our yarns are machine spun at a semi-industrial scale and it is possible you find some irregularities in the torsion and thickness of the yarns. We like it like that. We know it happens very sparsely and do not want to generate additional waste and it give personality and texture making each garments truly unique.

Your skeins are hand dyed to active semi-solid and variagated coloreways. As such there will be variation among skeins of the same and different dying baths. We would like to suggest you to buy all skeins needed for your project at the same time and mixed them while knitting to avoid pooling in your garments. Or not mixed them if you like the pooling color patterns 😀

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